About CV-Timber

Good returns take their time

We plant, we nurture, we harvest. That takes time, but our story is quickly told:

CV-Timber is an initiator of Timber funds for Brazilian reforestation projects. In southeastern Brazil, we acquire cattle ranches and convert them into forestry. In this way, we ensure that the people in the region are also better off. The returns come from resin, from timber, and from the fact that the value of land appreciates over time.

We plant, we nurture – we all reap a return that makes sense in every respect: Economically, ecologically, and socio-economically.

About CV-TImber

Steady drops with profit

The value of CV-Timber is based on special know how of the founding families. For our reforestation projects we focus on pine trees, which thrive in no other region of the world as excellently as in southeastern Brazil.

After about seven years, the trees provide a harvest before the harvest itself – namely in the form of resin. To collect the resin, the pines are scratched and the resin flows into small bags attached to the trees. There is, indeed, more attached to resin production: about 40 jobs per thousand hectares of pine forest. After all, one hectare of pine forest yields about 2,500 kilos of resin per year. A production that finds growing use in the paper, chemical and food industries. Natural resins can substitute synthetic resins obtained from fossil raw materials. Resin production is therefore also an important contribution to environmental sustainability.

No wonder resin is called the gold of the forest. It provides drop by drop a nice profit and a clear conscience.


This is how good an investment can smell

Wood appeals to the senses and is at the same time a material of fundamental benefit – both ecologically and economically. Even the name Brazil has to do with wood: It goes back to the Portuguese name of the Brazilwood tree.

After about 17 years the pine wood of the CV Timber forests provides the raw material for sawmills. Our boards are used amongst others in the building, packaging, and furniture industries. A part of the wood is also used to make paper and energy.

By sequestering CO2 and producing renewable raw materials we make an important contribution to climate. Follow your nose – CV Timber makes sense.


Sense, sense, sense

Yes, we admit: great earnings make people happy, more so, when they also make sense. Every investor has several hearts beating in the chest: an economical, an ecological, and thirdly, a socioeconomical. It is not a question of the order. The point is that CV-Timber makes sense for all your hearts:

  • Because we produce raw materials that make an important contribution to sustainable management and at the same time generate an attractive yield
  • Because we don’t touch the Amazon, neither do we clear natural forests. We plant new forest and 30 percent of our land is restored to natural forests.
  • Because we are a MAM-Partners group company – as such we share the entrepreneurial value creation with our employees. We create better prospects for farm workers, their families, and the regions in which we operate.

One investment – threefold sense.